The first Monday Movie Night is a fact!

Monday evening 27 September we enjoyed the movie Adam during the first Monday Movie Night. Did you miss this one or do you want more of these kind of evenings? Then we have good news, these Monday Movie Nights are recurring.


The Farewell

When Billi's family learns that their beloved grandmother has terminal lung cancer, they decide not to inform her. So an excuse is made so that Grandma's family gathering is not too noticeable, in the form of Billi's cousin's hastily planned wedding. When Billi, against her principles, decides to go, she comes into contact with the life she was forced to give up as a 6-year-old, her strong-minded grandmother and the power of unspoken love.

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Radiograph of a Family

"Mother married a picture of father," is the opening line of this intimate documentary. The mother of director Firouzeh Khosrovan literally married a portrait of Hossein in Tehran, because as a radiology student in Switzerland he could not just travel back to his home country. It turns out. indicative of the rift that has always existed in this marriage between the secular, progressive Hossein and the traditional, devout Muslim Tayi.

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