We are extremely grateful to our volunteers! IFFG has a large team of enthusiastic volunteers. These volunteers are committed to making every IFFG event an unforgettable one. There is a great connection and we are very happy about that! We are always looking for volunteers, so will you also conquer a place in our team?

Are you a film lover or up-and-coming talent in the film world and do you like to contribute to making world cinema possible in Gorinchem and the surrounding area? Do you want to work behind the scenes and expand your network? Do you want to be part of the cool volunteer team? Contact our coordinator Krista Vos!

IFFG is looking for...

Assistant Location Coordinator

As an assistant location coordinator you are jointly responsible for a location. You are the first point of contact for your fellow volunteers and you help ensure that everything runs smoothly. You have the overview and adjust where necessary. Your colleague volunteers can watch a movie after their shift, but they coordinate this with the assistant location coordinator present


Cooking crew employee

This includes the tasks; lunch runner, grocery runner and cooking crew. In this role you are active behind the scenes and ensure that your fellow colleagues can eat (healthy). The lunch and grocery runner can work mainly on location. It depends on the location whether you can prepare dinner there, you may have to prepare it in your own kitchen.


Education Officer

In this role you are a member of the Education Team. The Education Team is involved in organizing film education programs for primary and secondary education. Films are programmed during the festival, but specials for education are also organized throughout the year. You contribute to this in consultation with the Education Team, for example by working on promotion, support during the films, etc.

Visitor reception

This includes the following tasks: hostess/host, scanning tickets, cloakroom and allocating seats in the room. You are an important link in this position. You make someone feel welcome, show them the way and answer questions if there are any. If you need help with anything, the assistant location coordinator is your first point of contact.

Communication officer

This includes the tasks; information, ticket sales, distribution and the poster crew. In this role you have joined the communication team of IFFG. You are not only working on this in the run-up to the festival, but also around the specials during the year. This is always in consultation with the communication team.

Catering assistant

In this role you are our calling card in the foyer and/or bar. You take orders, settle this with the guest, take care of replenishing the drinks, etc. Furthermore, you and your colleagues are responsible for keeping the bar area clean and tidy, empty your used cups/glasses, bring them to the kitchen and ensures that the clean dishes are returned to the bar.