Genre Drama
Runtime 116 minutes
Year 2021
Country Denmark
Language Danish
Subtitles Dutch
Director Thomas Vinterberg
Distribution Septemberfilm
Scenario Thomas Vinterberg, Tobias Lindholm
Cast Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen
Awards Best International Feature Film at Academy Awards 2021, Best Film Not in the English Language at BAFTA Awards 2021, Best Foreign Feature Film at Amanda Awards 2021
With Druk director Thomas Vinterberg adds one of his strongest films to his oeuvre. The Oscar-winning Best Foreign Film 2021 was also voted number 3 in the Netherlands in the VPRO's  Cinema election 2021.

There is a theory that a modest amount of alcohol in our blood is mind-altering, reduces our problems and increases creativity. Supported by this theory, Martin and his three high school colleagues embark on an experiment in which they maintain a constant and deliberate blood alcohol level in their system throughout the day.

The first results are very positive, the exhausted teachers are coming back to life and even the results of their classes are improving. While glasses are being knocked back at a rapid pace, it is becoming increasingly difficult for some to maintain control over the situation and the experiment turns out to have greater consequences than expected.

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23.15  hrs     End film

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