Ready for summer!

What kind of summer guest are you? With a bean bag or folding chair under your arm to the Lingewijk, nice and cozy under a blanket? Or are you going for the golden combination: nature and film? Maybe watching a film on our beautiful city wall is something for you? Or how about the magical decor of Slot Loevestein? The IFFG can be found outside again this year. Four locations, nine movies and one starry sky. We are ready for a summer full of film!


Une Belle Course
13 July 2023 | 21.45 hrs | Lingewijk

When 92-year-old Madeleine has to go to a nursing home, she asks a taxi driver to drive past the places that have meant something in her life. Get in for a moving taxi ride!​​

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Onder het Maaiveld
14 July 2023 | 22.00 hrs | Natuurcentrum

Onder het Maaiveld is a fascinating documentary that delves deep into the hidden world of healthy soil and exposes the complex functioning of the underground ecosystem.

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Persona non Grata
15 July 2023 | 22.00 hrs | Natuurcentrum

Laura publishes a successful debut novel, which was mainly marked by bullying by classmate Cathrine. When she returns to the family farm, she finds out that her brother is going to marry Cathrine.

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10 August 2023 | 21.15 hrs | City Walls

A group of tourists travels by bus from Denmark to Paris. Among them are two sisters, Inger and Ellen, whose relationship will be tested. It will be a journey they will never forget.

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11 August 2023 | 21.15 hrs | City Walls

Clara and Felice have just moved into a new apartment with their three children. The marriage is over, but divorce is not negotiable. Clara projects all her dreams of freedom onto the children.

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12 August 2023 | 21.15 hrs | City Walls

After his dancing career comes to an end, Adrien spends his time on the French Riviera where he is supported by former movie star Martha. His life takes a new turn when he meets the beautiful con artist Margot.

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107 Mothers
25 August 2023 | 20.45 hrs | Slot Loevestein

Lesia has committed a crime of passion and enters one of the women's prisons in Odessa. She has just given birth to her first child, and now she enters a world populated only by women.

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The Mauritanian
26 August 2023 | 20.45 hrs | Slot Loevestein

Without any form of justice, Slahi is detained in Guantanamo Bay. When he is about to lose all hope, he finds allies in attorney Nancy Hollander (played by Jodie Foster).

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Aurora's Sunrise
27 August 2023 | 20.45 hrs | Slot Loevestein

At the age of 14, Aurora lost everything during the horrors of the Armenian Genocide. Four years later, by luck and extraordinary courage, she escaped to New York, where her story became a media sensation.

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