IFFG celebrates love!

On October 9, we will be celebrating love with our IFFG Love Special. Come and watch two wonderful films in VUE Cinema!

In the impressive film Moffie you end up in a tough man's world. Moffie premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2019 and received critical acclaim. The South African film by director Oliver Hermanus previously won the Queer Palm Award in Cannes for his film Beauty. Hermanus strongly portrays army life and the film has worked acting.

At Les Amours d'Anaïs you follow the turbulent love life of the young Anaïs. It is the combination of a perfect cast, sensual cinematography and a strong screenplay that makes you, just like everyone else in the film, fall head over heels for the sometimes impossible Anaïs.

A great desire is central to both films. Reserve your spot in advance, then the anticipation can begin!


In 1981, 16-year-old Nicholas van der Swart is called up for conscription in the South African army. The country is currently in conflict with neighboring Angola and the relentless training prepares the boys to defend the border. He finds friendship with Dylan Stassen, but can hardly answer his feelings, all the more because there is no place for a 'moff' in the army. Beautiful film adaptation of the autobiographical novel by the South African writer André-Carl van der Merwe.

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Les Amours d'Anaïs

Anaïs is thirty, charming, always late, seemingly carefree, energetic and rather broke. She has been putting off finishing her dissertation for some time now. She has a lover, but is not quite sure if she does love him. When she begins an affair with Daniel, he quickly develops a fascination with the rambunctious Anaïs, while Anaïs wants to get to know his wife. The story of a young woman in confusion and also the story of a great desire.

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