IFFG collects for the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund

From 28 May to 5 June we participated in the annual promotion of the Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds. This action week is now over and we are very happy and grateful for all the donations and sweet messages we have received. Our target amount has been achieved! On to much more beautiful things at IFFG!

To our surprise, the Cultuurfonds has extended the promotion until June 19th. If you still want to donate something, throw some in our collection box via the donation button. Any contribution is more than welcome. For example, this summer we will be programming various outdoor cinemas again and to run them optimally, we could use a little extra. We are looking forward to wonderful summer evenings, a big screen and a beautiful film. Will you help us?

When you bring people, dreams and worlds together, culture comes alive. Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. The start of something beautiful.