"Een voortreffelijke Mads Mikkelsen" - VPRO Cinema

DRUK is the new film by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg, starring Mads Mikkelsen (also known for Hannibal and Riders of Justice). The film was awarded the Oscar for the Best Foreign Film and now we are going to screen it for you this summer at the Stadswal of Gorinchem. Will you be there?

Standing in front of the class with alcohol on... Doesn't really sound like a tight plan. Still, four teachers in this film decide to try it as an experiment. For example, there is a theory that a certain amount of alcohol in our blood has a mind-expanding effect, reduces our problems and increases creativity. Sounds promising, but nothing could be further from the truth.

You can see how this ends for teacher Martin and his colleagues during the IFFG Buitenbios on the Stadswal on August 12, 2022. Click here for more film info and tickets.

In any case, critics are praising:

★★★★★ The Guardian: "De rol van zijn leven voor Mikkelsen."
★★★★ NRC: "Regisseur Thomas Vinterberg weet uiterst knap de balans te bewaren tussen ernst en humor."
★★★★ Trouw: "Met Druk voegt regisseur Thomas Vinterberg een van zijn sterkste films toe aan zijn oeuvre."
★★★ Volkskrant: "Mads Mikkelsen (...) krijgt de kans om te schitteren.