Youth Jury

The IFFG has had a Youth Jury from 2020 onwards. The IFFG wants to give young people from the region the opportunity to make their voices heard during the festival. They watch a selection of films and express their appreciation. The film best appreciated by the Youth Jury receives the award.

The Youth Jury was selected prior to the festival on the basis of interest, involvement and activity in the film world. During the festival, the jury not only watches various films, the young people can also take a look behind the scenes. They meet filmmakers, guest speakers and actors to broaden their knowledge and determine which film deserves the award.

Youth Jury
Youth Jury
Youth Jury
Youth Jury

Sophie Buizert
Student Graphic Design
Willem de Kooning Academy

Elisa Westerlaken
Lyceum Oudehoven Gorinchem

Luna Verheij
Student Communicatie
Hogeschool Utrecht

Pim van den Dool
Student Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Design
Utrecht University

Youth Jury
Youth Jury
Youth Jury

Are you between 14 and 21 years old and do you think it's super cool to watch movies (and also to be able to think something about it)? Then sign up at Sabine Taal! You can also contact her for more information.

Sam van Wijgerden
Student Political Science and Government
Leiden University

Zelie Hulshof
Gymnasium Camphusianum Gorinchem

Demi Drost
Student Visual Design/Animation
Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


Youth Jury
Youth Jury Award 2021 for Canción sin Nombre

On Sunday evening, April 18, the representatives of the youth jury announced that the film Canción sin Nombre by Peruvian director Melina León has won the Youth Jury Award IFFG 2021.

The story takes you to 1988 Peru, a time of great political and financial turmoil, hyperinflation and terrorist violence. The left-wing guerrilla movement 'Shining Path' is just emerging.

Georgina Condori is a pregnant Andean peasant woman who lives in a bare wooden hut in one of the coastal slums near the capital Lima.

She is lured into town by a radio ad promising free "medical help." So she gives birth to her baby in a clinic in the city center. But the staff takes her newborn daughter, ostensibly for routine checkups. It changes her life forever.

Pim van den Dool, representative of the youth jury, about their choice: 'The film touched us deeply, the story will stay with us for a long time. But it is precisely the way of filming, the special cinematography and the strong acting of Georgina Condori, actress Pamela Mendoza, that makes us highly valued the film. An impressive film made with conviction and great passion by Melina León.

Special mention No Hard Feelings
It was a 'close finish' to number 2, the film No Hard Feelings (original title Futur Drei) by director Faraz Shariat, fellow judge Demi Drost reported. “We found this film so refreshing, so smooth with strong acting. The film captivates you immediately, from start to finish," says Demi.