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IFFG 2023

The seventh edition of the International Film Festival Gorinchem took place from 13 to 16 April 2023. The first full edition after difficult Corona years and that ensured a full house during the festive opening evening in theater De Nieuwe Doelen. But also several sold-out films, interesting guest speakers and filmmakers, a fascinating Local Talent Program, extra attention to the films and culture from South Korea and a pleasant chat in the festival cafes.

'It was overwhelming', says festival director Anika van der Kevie, tired but very satisfied. 'A full house in theater De Nieuwe Doelen at the opening night with the pre-premiere of Cairo Conspiracy, including a spectacular opening act in which Gorcum talents Georgios Lazakis, Anna-Risse Groot and city poet Martin Rensen provided a combination of dance, spoken word and video- art. The next day around 750 students for the school screenings. If there are also filmmakers and actors, it's one big film party with photo shoots and signing autographs. Such a wonderful opportunity for students, and that in your own city,' says van der Kevie.

This edition paid extra attention to films and culture from South Korea. A delegation from the Korean embassy visited the festival on Friday. Minister Consul General Heyeong Ahn opened this program with the very well-attended film Broker. Earlier that afternoon, well-known Dutch director and television producer Martin Koolhoven had given a masterclass for the youth jury. He then presented the Local Talent Program. This gave the young filmmakers a platform and was encouraged for their next work.


The film War Pony had its pre-premiere on Saturday evening, producer Bear Damen returned to his native region for this purpose. The movie breakfast on Sunday was another delicious start to the last day of the festival, which concluded with the Bolivian debut film Utama and an interview with director Alejandro Loyaza Grisi. Prior to this film, the youth jury announced that the animated film Nayola is the winner of 2023.