Genre Drama
Runtime 96 minutes
Year 2022
Country China
Language Chinese
Subtitles ENGLISH
Director Sixue Qiao
Distribution Bad Rabbit Pictures
Cast Badema, Yider
Awards Winner Best Artistic Contribution Hainan International Film Festival 2022, Nominated Best Feature Film Hainan International Film Festival 2022, Nominated Best Film Tokyo International Film Festival 2022, Nominated Lotus Award Competition Bangkok World Film Festival 2022
The journey of the young man Alus takes you through the impressive Mongolian landscape, as he searches for the meaning of home and traditions. A universal and loving story about family ties, searches and letting go.

Alus is a young electronic musician. He cannot bear the fact that his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, lives like a prisoner in his brother's city apartment. One day Alus decides to take her back to the Mongolian grassland, in search of where she came from. As his mother's condition worsens, Alus tries to keep her from getting lost by tying his mother to him with a rope. In the meantime, he learns all about the traditional Mongolian approach to life and death.

The Cord of Life

Film committee member Krista Vos says about this film:
"Moving film about a son and his demented mother, the adventure they plunge into together and the culture he had forgotten. Beautiful images and a story that will definitely stay with you!"