The IFFG attaches great importance to the visibility of the productions of young independent filmmakers and up-and-coming film talent. That is why the IFFG puts filmmakers, editors and actors from their own city and region in the spotlight every year. You get to know them during the Local Talent Program, hosted by Martin Koolhoven!

This edition we have again included three beautiful short films and a documentary  in our Local Talent Program. The films have been selected on the basis of special achievements, social involvement and current themes. A fascinating and surprising program, including discussions with the makers.

Vlucht Still 1.png
Frank Hartman

After a natural disaster hits Western Europe, Bobby is forced to flee with her selfish father in search of a boat that will take them to a safe land. Due to their disagreement and the intense journey, unprocessed family problems surface. Only when her father makes a great sacrifice does Bobby manage to take him back into her heart.

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Rens van Weerdenburg

The aging Arie is in danger of being forgotten. After being forgotten by the nursing home for the weekly outing, he comes into contact with a group of students. When they arrive at a student party, Arie is amazed, he is suddenly loved again. They give him the time of his life. Nothing stands in his way until his health kicks in...

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Catherina Iosifidis

May is on holiday in South Limburg with her best friend Amy. One night they decide to go to an illegal rave party in a cave. Once they arrive, however, it turns out that they have different expectations for the evening. Amy keeps seeking the attention of two French boys and May reluctantly joins in too. Will she eventually dare to make her own choices?

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Foto George.jpg
De Toemoek Hoemak Expeditie
Freek de Goeje

In Wayana we walk in the footsteps of great-grand-uncle Claudius de Goeje. He was an explorer who mapped Suriname and made the first contacts with the Wayana, the indigenous people of Suriname. One hundred years later, the Wayana culture is disappearing and their environment is being deforested. For the Wayana, the colonial past has never stopped. The same laws and rules of the past still apply to them.

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