Go to 10 favorite films from the festival program for only €100.

After purchasing your '10 Movie Discount', you will receive an e-mail as soon as possible (within 24 hours at the latest) with a code that you can use to pay for 10 tickets from the festival program on our website. The 10 Movie Discount ticket is only valid for films that are physically screened during IFFG 2023 and unused rides cannot be refunded. Have you paid for your 10 Movie Discount, but have not received an email with a code within 24 hours? Send an email to tickets@iffg.nl or send a message to our WhatsApp Helpdesk: 06-11319434.

NB! The 10 Movie Discount ticket can be ordered until Tuesday 11 April 2023. You can of course still use your code after this date for your 10 film tickets of your choice.