Audience Award

There’s more to making a film than meets the eye.
World cinema takes continuous creativity, determination, conviction and perseverance. Making a film, from start to finished product, is a very long process. IFFG believes these films should get the attention they deserve, and wants to encourage filmmakers to continue making them. The IFFG audience award is both an incentive and a compliment. 

IFFG is keen to get the viewers involved, and you can therefore vote on the films you come to see during the festival. It’s all about your taste, your opinion and your vote. Once you have seen the film, cast your vote using an IFFG voting card. These cards will be handed out by volunteers during the festival. After the films have been shown, all the votes are counted and the audience award winner announced!

The audience award of IFFG 2021 went to The end will be spectacular by Ersin Celik. The filmmaker keeps the dead alive by telling his story. A special war film based on true facts and filmed very special.

Audience Award 2021: The end will be spectacular
Audience Award