Blog | Day 3 | 16 april 2021

Day 3 is already over, time flies with an agenda full of beautiful films. What dit you see or what are you going to see this weekend? 

On Friday we started again with the school performances. Secondary schools watched the special film Rocks in the classroom and at home. Shortly afterwards, the Thursday and Friday school performances appeared in the regular program as a family performance. The Crossing, a Norwegian film in which we see the Second World War as an exciting fairytale, had its Dutch premiere at IFFG.

We watched a young couple in Palestine, Selma and Tamer, travel across the border to file for divorce papers in the film Between Heaven & Earth. Once in court, they make a shocking discovery from Tamer's father's past.

In the afternoon, Japanese director Yoon Dan-bi told us in an interview about her movie Moving on, about Okju and her little brother Dongju who move in with their father with their grandfather. No one says it, but the reason isn't just that the old man needs care. After his divorce, their father is financially ruined.

Director Ana Katz also talked to us. In her film The dog who wouldn't be quiet, we follow Sebastian. Every time he is away from home, his dog's whine goes to the bone and his neighbors can't take it anymore. Should the lonely creature go to the office after all? Quitting your job is also an option, although it doesn't make life easier for the thirty-something.

We closed the evening with the Dutch premiere of Canción sin Nombre. We looked at 20-year-old, heavily pregnant Georgina in Peru. On the radio she hears a commercial about free medical care. She travels to the capital Lima to take advantage of this offer, gives birth and never sees her child again… A fierce story that director Melina Léon portrayed sensitively and beautifully. After the film she told her what motivated her to make this film.

Did you know that you can still watch all these movies? The films can be seen in the program for 72 hours from start time. So you can just buy another ticket and see when it suits you. Lots of fun!

Behind the scenes, the youth jury watches a selection of films. The enthusiastic members are critical and discuss their opinion together. On Sunday evening, during the closing evening, they will announce to which filmmaker they will be presenting the Youth Award.

Until then, we'll watch even more great stories from all over the world together. Have a great festival day!

Watch the introduction of Najwa Najjar: 
Watch the introduction of Melina Léon:


Blog | Day 2 | 15 april 2021

How nice it is to enjoy the most beautiful world cinema for five days again. All at home on the couch, but thanks to your positive messages and nice photos, we will also experience the festival together this year. And this is what we saw yesterday ...

On Thursday, April 15, we started with the school performances. 150 enthusiastic students watched the films Rocks, The Crossing and Te Ver Weg together in class. Three special films about young people who have to find their way in a difficult situation. Flights, independence, trust and friendship are the global themes that were discussed. More students will watch these films on April 16.

In the afternoon we watched an adoption story True Mothers from Japan in which director Naomi Kawase provided the on-screen introduction herself. We saw how Satoko and her husband have problems getting pregnant and decide to adopt a child. Years later, the happy family is put under stress when suddenly the biological mother arrives on the doorstep. Who is this woman and what happened at the time? Watch the story only this weekend!

Director Juan Pablo Felix told us about his experience as a filmmaker in Argentina. He once danced himself, now his protagonist Cabra is doing everything he can to dance in the beautiful film Karnawal. Watch the film until 5 PM on Sunday.

We then traveled to Senegal, where one of the world's most ambitious projects against climate change is taking place. The documentary The Great Green Wall shows us how the Malian singer Inna Modja meets artists who all take social disruption as the subject of their art. The hope in music gives life. Watch The Great Green Wall at IFFG for two more days.

On with a touch of dry humor! A thief hides his money in the Moroccan desert, but when he returns, he finds a newly built village with a heavily guarded altar right above his treasure place. Have a quick look at the special scene in the movie The Unknown Saint.

We ended the day with the movie Go Youth! by director Carlos Armella. The film is about four young people who all experience the road to adulthood in their own way. After the film, the director tells about this humorous film.

Of course our volunteers are available at the helpdesk to answer all your questions. Are you struggling somewhere? Please feel free to contact us, the team will be happy to help make your festival experience a success! Day 2 was another wonderful IFFG Online day, we hope you enjoy your home as much as we do behind the scenes! Is your film agenda already filled for this weekend? There is still a lot of great things to come ...

Watch the introduction of Naomi Kawase: 
Watch the introduction of Juan Pablo Felix: 
Watch the introduction of Carlos Armella: 


Blog | Opening evening | 14 april 2021

3, 2, 1… and we're live! After months of preparation, the time has finally come: the online festival has started. Setting up the helpdesk, building the screen, testing the film, answering phone calls, discussions with the youth jury, and then: showtime!

No opening night with a full house, but a live opening and helpdesk from theater de Nieuwe Doelen with more than 450 viewers at home on the couch. “A very successful evening” concludes our enthusiastic director Anika van der Kevie. “It was pretty exciting, I admit, but it went very well and luckily we were able to kick off the festival together”.

The Dutch premiere of the film Notre-Dame du Nil appeared in hundreds of living rooms. Viewers were taken to Rwanda, 1973, where young girls study to become the country's elite. During graduation, they share the same dorm and dream about the same teenage affairs. Yet there are various tensions under the skin, which ultimately lead to violence. The reactions of the audience were positive. “It is very nice to hear that we can also bring the festival experience into the living room,” says Anika.

This is one of the worldly stories that IFFG shows during the festival. “And there is so much more”, says Anika, “we screen more than 30 films, each of which tells a special and important story”. The offer is large and you can watch all films from the start time in the program for 72 hours, so you don't really have to choose.

Anika: “A wonderful start to our online film festival. I look forward to the following reactions and hope we will have a great movie night for many more viewers. By buying a ticket you not only see a beautiful film, you also support the film festival, but above all the filmmakers, they absolutely deserve that in these times ”.

Watch the opening speech from festival director Anika van der Kevie:
Watch the interview with director Atiq Rahimi: