Genre Documentairy
Runtime 102 minutes
Year 2020
Country The Netherlands
Language Dutch
Director Pieter-Rim de Kroon
Producer Cinema Delicatessen
Awards Special Mention Best Dutch Documentary at Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2020, Best Film of Environmental Interest at Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2021

IFFG will kick off the new year in 2022 with a wonderful film day in Theater Peeriscoop. During the New Year's Special, IFFG screens two beautiful, accessible films: Minari and Silence of the Tides. A film from far away and one up close, in which identity and the right to exist are central. Both films get to your heart. Let yourself be carried away in the family history of the Korean director Lee Isaac Chung or in the daily life in nature on the Wadden. Of course we would like to toast to the new year afterwards in the cozy foyer of Theater Peeriscoop.

A special cinematographic portrait based on the continuous 'breathing' of the Wadden, against a backdrop of light, fog, wind, water and land. The film observes the inhalation and exhalation of the tides and the recurring cycles and contrasts of nature, light, sound and man. The film raises the question whether the Wadden Islands belong to the water or the land, but above all it gives shape and meaning to the existence of the Wadden area and its inhabitants.

14.30 uur     Welcome
15.30 uur     Start film Silence of the Tides
17.10 uur     Drinks in the foyer