Young people grow up with images. They look at vloggers, gamers and influencers, and in schools a lot of visual material is used to support the curriculum. As a result, images are now – in addition to spoken and written language – the way in which we communicate with each other and form an image of ourselves and the world around us.

An important part of the annual festival is the programming for students. IFFG attaches great importance to the personal and cultural development of children and young people. After watching a film, it is often easier to explain current themes at home or in the classroom, to draw attention to sensitive topics or simply to start a good conversation.

In addition to the school performances during the festival, IFFG offers tailor-made education programs for primary and secondary education. Students are introduced to world cinema, explore themes in film and develop their own talents. In this way, every visit to the festival becomes a valuable experience in the lives of children and young people.