Distribution Canción sin nombre

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IFFG distribution releases Canción sin nombre in collaboration with MOOOV. Release date Dutch theaters: November 4, 2021.

Country: Peru | Language: Spanish, Quecha | Dutch subtitles

Canción sin nombre

Peru in the politically turbulent 1980s. Shortly after giving birth, Georgina's baby, a young Andean woman, is stolen from an illegal maternity hospital in Lima. Her desperate search for her child leads her to the headquarters of a major national newspaper. There she meets Pedro, a lonely journalist. He wants to clarify the matter and do justice.

It is a heartbreaking story of the loss of a child, inspired by true events. Melina Léon's father was one of the journalists who exposed organized child trafficking at the time. This black and white pearl in the old almost square television format shows a dark period of recent Peruvian history.


Melina Léon is a director from Lima, Peru. With her first feature film Canción sin nombre (2019), premiered at the Director's Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival, where she was nominated for the Caméra d'Or, she immediately scored high.


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